27 Nov 2008


Currently listening to "Money by Pink Floyd" (classic tune, often sends me to sleep though)

Desipide all the badness of this week one good thing has come of it, well im sure more things really, the undying support of my girlfriend, my friends , my family, general good health etc, but one thing in particular that came in the mail, (theres something magical about packages in the mail isnt there, even if you know whats coming its nice when A man in blue shorts has to personally bring it to your door. Anyway what came in the mail for me was "peteunia" not a mail order bride, but a Dell Axim X30 pocket PC (so called  petunia because of my girlfriends PDA which has been dubbed pete, and mine being the female version was obviously PETEunia) This handheld device has let me become fully OCD and over the last 3days I've had it has been at my side every step of the way noting and storing key and organisable information about everything storable and organisable that pops up, so far I have, put in

- My driving lessons
- When I'm seeing ny girlfriend
- The details of a party im attending this weekend
-  All the Names and adresses of acts appearing at my show
- A running order (provided and created by my girlfriend) which I have edited to include details about whether or not I have acts addresses and how confirmed they are (ooh colour coded) 
- also wasted many free hours playing solitaire and the jawbreaker games included on it 
so here it is in all Its gloy

Dell Axim X30 

Currently listening to: "Eyewishes" By Lemon Demon

.. Wade

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