23 Nov 2008

"Hans" Hoodies

I thoought Now would be a good time to post about my invention, well kinda invention I saw it in passing on an episode of peep show, and decided to copy it due to generally thinking it was a cool idea, basically it is  a hoodie where ear hole have been cut out so that the hood can be up and you can still wear over the head headphones joy of joys. Tis really usefull for looking super antisocial, scaring old ladies and (what the hood was actually invented for) keeping your head warm and dry. Obviously being unsatisfied with simply cutting big holes in my new 12 pount (24 USD) hoodies, i drew new design things on them in permenant, so now when worn with the headphones it looks like the hoodie is designed that way rather than just feebly bodged. In addition I have cut a small hole in the back of the main front pocketmeaning my trusty iPod can be stowed away in there with the wire coming up to the headphones inside the hoodie preventing me getting tangled in it an what not, it also gives the slightly magic impression that the headphones arnt connected to anything, and a similar effect when the iPod is taken from my pocket. After the're (more or less) creator in peep show I have dubbed my (albeit limited) range of unique aduiophile hoodies "Hans Hoodies" and each hoodie has "Hans" written along the left sholder. As yet most people to see them (bar one, gotta love colin) have dubbed them a waste and a pointless exercise in mutilating perfectly good clothes, ahh well I like them and I'm the only one who has to (gets to) wear them, will post an Instructable online at a later Date, so you can have you very own "Hans Hoodie" 

Short note, I havent posted anything about actual music yet so from this point on I will start every post with what I am listening to, and end it the same way, this no doubt will cause me to witter on about the music rather than what i intend the post to be about for a few minutes, but still will fill up space and give me somthing to do, and get my voice out of my head, and isnt that the point after all (to do anything to queit the voices, oooh the voices) 

currently listening to:
nothing no music, a rare state of peace at my workspace.



  1. ehm you knew this moment would come and it is mainly Kary's doing so her we go: this is a once in a life time oppurtunity to find out what me, I that is, can write constantly only stopping for corrections, which by the way are actually fairly plentiful, dunno if that's right so I'm gonna leave it. Now to improve the quality of the whole god dam blog I am gonna mention just a few a things that I believe to be of interest to me, and hence the world, firstly, well actually i have a prequel, that my browser google chrome, which was designed by those freedom loving goons of google( from now on FLGOGs) does not recognise the word blog offering several suggestions to what it could be when the blog is actually sett up by google and my browser is google, so minor flaw. Anyway my main point was that Kary's letter code has been broken as wasn't to hard all I did was find what a/i was by looking for single letters the looking at the last 3 letters of words the first of which needed to be a b or a bee this tond me what ing were which then combined with me looking at all to loetter combinations showed me what was o, find the most common letter (o) which was bound to be an e the look for words containing letters i already knew and guessing the remaining letters do this multiple times and it is basically like setting up simitainious equations and solving by trail and error, now isn't that better than going on about pet(e)unia, no (s)he does not deserve a capital letter and still i win because i have an itouch which has the awesome stapler game which entertains every single person who has ever seen it and several other games which are just as amusing. On a side note google chrome also has problems recognising google, hmmm smart, so i'm thinking this is all due to microsoft the evil overlord of the blogoweb, yes i have confirmation it says microsoft needs a capital M, Now justto keep in sync with the rest of your blog i am listening to the awesomly mellow-yet-at-the-same-time-rocky sounds of Elton John, he gets capitals because he is SUPER! now really his music is actually quite good, the song is The Bitch is Back Fua,I would do the onomatopoeia (ok i stoped to spell that)for the song but i would just deteriorate and make me look like a goon, sadly not a FLGOG *snif* well i do havea confession to make the real reason i am blabbing on here is that i am waiting for my ultimate (compared to your PD[G]A[Y] )itouch ( ohhh how that made me chuckle which has no onomatopoeia that can't be confused for somthing else unless you use kukukukkukkuku but that makes you sond evil) to finsh syncing it's self so i have more Seinfeld to watch to distract me from that fact no one wants to go out and my chemistry investigation which btw is a real bitch (stopping for more music)okay now it is MJ's Beat it and subsequently the whole of the album Thriller. (admitily I have paused for dancing) Man I miss the smell of ethanol, I kept spilling it on my hands so usually had atleast a small trace but now I am completely with out it, if it wasn't for you i would be cured you absolute numpty. Ok that's it for me with out going out on further tangents which I cant be arsed because I now have Half Life to play which entertains me more that ruining you one comment on your blog (notice again the capitals, my itouch doesn't have them because it is one of many all of which rule)

  2. Bitch you approve the comments