1 Dec 2008

1st of December

Currently listening to: my kid brother tootle away on clarinet, (tis his music lesson)

Yes it is, the 1st day of December, so break out your advent calender and eat some of that sickly yuletide chocolate.. or in my case seeing as it is also the run up to my birthday I have a gift-a-day from my girlfriend each gift is hand made and full of special love garunteed to make me feel both mushy and loved, but also rubbish for being unable to muster enough feeling to stay in bed (its an inside thing) REGARDLESS! Yesterday were the instructions for the proper operation of the gift, basically "dont cheat, peek, or poke the presents" and today was the first giftola, it took the form of some felt cakes (felt being myt girlfriends weapon of choice) delivered as samples from the octopus bakery. And this is where the plot thickens, see, it would appear that none (well bar the one that I open on my actuall birthday (22nd of december)) are from her, but are from a random assortment of charaters dotted around a set of far out locations, the present includes a map so it can be seen where each of the gifts has come from geographically (kinda like a really friendly version of grand theft auto) anyway, apparently I live or have been travelling through this world without my knowlege and have made a number of aquaintences who have all sent me post dated presents in the run up to my birthday, by an amazing coincidence none are post dated for the same day, but hey the world is a strange place.  all of these letters have been sent to some of my various addresses around the areas depicted on the maps, but i have recived them at my current adress (here in the really real world) due to the fantastic roal mail re-direction service. which obviously operates transdimentionally, (and you thoght those postman shorts were just for show, and postmen went nuts cos they were bored) Am having to exercise a great deal of self control in order to not open all the envelopes at once, though the forbidden fruit date stamping does help me to fight this urge, theres something kinda official about those date stamps.
So to re-cap, today, Felt cakes from the underwater cotopus bakery accross the road (underwater road) from my (supposedly waterproof) watch shop, thankyou octopus bakers (and karys awwww huggs) 

currently listening to, nothing (ahh the sound of silence .... and household hustle and bustle), about to slart listening to the Jon Richardson podcast (if it has been released yet)

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