18 Nov 2010


Ok so today I did something I normally 'tut' at Karys for doing, but today I went out on a bit of a whim and did some shopping!

and in keeping with Karys' (and lately Duffield's) examples I am going to blog my new purchases, with photos!


its a shirt. it cost £6 (sale item) it has a lady on it. this lady is wearing wayfarers and has 3 pairs of eyes (each with wayfarers) I like it. it fits. win.


This. It is a shirt with a bear on it. ON A BICYCLE!. £6 (on sale too) I like this one too. (otherwise I wouldn't buy it haha)

I also got some jeans, very tight ones, black ones and some blue, dirty wash ones, the latter were too small (something which never happens, so I sold them to my brother for £25 and I'm getting a slightly larger pair tomorrow.

so there you go, my new clothes in full!