27 Nov 2008

More Tragedy

Currently listening to: Nothing (well besides the sound of my kid brother playing "brawl" an the Wii and softly swearing to himself)

This week, (and indeed that last couple of weeks) have not been good, I keep losing and breaking things, since the panasonic heros died, i have so far broken
- My PC (though I fixed that, duh) 
- My iPod, (sad faced on, me and not just the software sadface the "harddrive is damaged and ruined forever" sad face)
- I broke my watch (while punching my best friends hand (he desevered it though))
- I lost my only sensible ish jacket for when I want to look kinda subtle (my friend (the one I punched) say's it makes me look like a guy from Fall out boy, or at least like someone who wants to  look like somewone who looks like they in fall out boy
- I broke my old Skool black converse low tops (though my ever patient girlfriend sewed them back up for me and added funky bits (pic coming soon hehe)
- I lost my tech folder, with all my Design work from this year in it, and some Art work I was transporting (luckily i found this though someone had taken the liberty of writing "I {heart} fannys" on the cardboard insert (hilarious) leading me to believe that it was infact stolen and i wasnt JUSt being careless)
- and finally the scarf I was wearing today (my girlfriends one which I am very fond of) was taken from where I left it (with my jumper) in the common room by a mystery assailent (whom I plan to track down and kill in the most hoorible manner Imaginable, also I may poo in his/her bed)

On Top of all this I feel lethargic and tired bdue to a sh1tty low-level cold and I'm stressed out of my mind due to general school stuff (not understanding physics as much as the nutters in my class) and my concert drawing ever closer (at this moment only 9 weeks and 22 hours) annnd I'm finding myself increasingly having my "off" days where I'm generally grumpy and anti social, these are the days where I hear people calling my name ut theres no one there and I feel increasingly paranoid about everything (hence the suspicioun of theft on the part of my scarf and folder). therefore understandably not an ideal state of mind leading up to the holiday season. ah well as the song says "things can only  get better"

Currently listening to "Always" by Saliva (nice hehe) 
.. Wade

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