13 Jun 2009


I failed to mention in my "future" blog that come the next general Election I will be running for MP of the Torbay Area, as an Independant, I will be working ong my policies and aims with my firends in the near future and really thing that I have a shot of, at the very least, getting my £500 back from entering the race. And how coll would it be if I got in, nice office, massive pay check trips to london, chance to make a difference to the people of my community, killer thing to put on my CV.

..... annnnnd another thing I forgot look out on the battery powered page for new recordings which we will be making in the next few months, at the dartmouth youth centre recording studio, which should be killer, especially with the new noise we've been making lately. In addition we will be hopefully planning some form of mini tour simply by choosing places we want to go, then attempting to get gigs there, hire some equipment anda van and bobs your uncle mini tour, could be ace!

I cant wait for the future its gunna be awesome!


Stuff I have To do for the YES Centre

As previously posted I have a Bunch of things I want to get done down at the YES centre in brixham, especially over the next couple of Months.

Firstly on the musical side of things Im re arranging all my lessons so I can have new students and be more useful to kids who play instruments already and want to learn more about timeing and being in a band together. Im Getting some new equipment in to allow this to go much smoother, and me and my dad are taking a couple of days to renovate and repair all the current equiptment at the yes centre so it is up to code and ready to use. The Equiptment I plan to get is mostly to allow us to have to fully functional drumkits and a range of percussion-y sounds. and also perhaps some new Amps (like cabs and head units)

Which brings me to my second point I need to sell some of the yes centres stuff that they've been meaning to get rid of for a while, this will free up some space that I Can quickly fill with new stuff. I said that I would do it a while back and have been feeling guilty for not doing so ever since.

I have decided to take it upon myself to revamp the YES centres Website, It cant do it any harm as the traffic is limited anyway, and every little helps, My aim is to mke the site both pretty and actualy useful to the both ther YES centre and the public who want to find out more about the YES. This is not entirely Selfless as if I pull this off I can of course so it as an achievement on my portfolio, and gain professional credit for it, yay.

Im going to take a more active role once again in providing for the community, pushing myself forward in Young volunteers and outside organising events for the YES centre (like a potential Room Upstairs II) I'm also becoming a trustee of the yes centre meaning I can have an actuive role in bringing the youthy veiw forward in an adult run youth service as well as resuming going to youth forum meetings where I can have the same effect.

Im down there a lot as well Im sure I'll find some other stuff to do, (because all this stuff wont keep me busy nearly long enough)


The Future

Currently Deciding what's going to be goin on next year for me (I say next year I mean, September/October time, weh everyone has gone back to school or off to university) and since its eisier to type and backspacethan actually write im going to blog this list.
Also this way the evidence will be sorta permanant so I can look back on it wheras a piece of paper I will just lose.

  1. I will be at College doing Art Foundation
    This will
    - Last the entire academic year
    - Allow me to go to Uni to study design (assumin that is still the carreer path I wish to follow after the course)

  2. I will be Attempting to get a Job, Either Bar staffing, in a shop of some kind or Lifeguarding, (I want to avoid getting a job in the food industry if at all possible)

  3. I will be Starting a routine of going to the Gym (and I know everyone says they're going to do this and I can only hope that I'll stick to it, however I'll have more free time while Karys has gone away to Uni, and I can go with Graham so we can keep each other strong.

  4. I am getting my ear pieced, once in the lobe and once in the helix (top part) my parent arnt a big fan of this one but I'm determined hehe, besideds I can always take them out if I dont like them, Im getting a black stud thing in the lobe and a little silver ring in the helix, must make sure not to get the gay ear pierced

  5. Im forming (at atleast bing part of) the new musical sensation that will be "Ricky and he Pigeons" with Ricky (duh) and Graham, who will be sticking around here, unlike everyone else who is running of for education. Our Ultimate aim is to play the main stage at dart music fest, if nothing else.

  6. Im maintaining a Guitar Amps and effects Industry, "Dave Hall Amps" which will be up and running in the near future, This is partnership with my brother, we will be handling all aspects of the running of the company together, including Handbuilding all the effects boxes. My dad has agreed to teach me how the boxes work with a veiw to creating our own brand of boxes aswell as distibuting other small time manufactured boxes.

  7. I plan to start up my Design Business once again, with the (rather clever) advertising ploy of running a parrallel blog and sister site with tutorials nad follow throughs (as well as other design-y stuff) which will make people aware of my company and showcase my abilities. I plan to ask my Friend to aid me in this as he owns a hosting company so as a partership I can refer my customers to him (or offer webhosting of sites designed by me on his plans) and he can refer his clients to me. (As a bonus I can host my site with him for a bit of a discount...maybe)

  8. Im going to do more blogging, to allow Karys (and all my friends) to keep up with me and what I'm up to, My plan is to at least to do 1 a week, summarising the week to that point. Im going to also parrallel blogs (in a similar style to Karys) which will act as an online portfolio of everything I create (doodles, photographs, actual art etc) and a place to put all the little bits and pieces I find interesting and worth putting online (like a second facebook but deeper, i.e. without all the other people, and not only photogrpahs of parties)

  9. In orderto fuel Number 8 I'm going to invest in a small camera and take it everywhere to document as much stuff as possible. I may simply steal my brothers and use it untill it becomes mine by proxy hehehe.

  10. Get on top of things at the YES centre, I do a lot of volunteering anyway but have been neglecting the place recently due to exams and shizz, but Im going to make it a priority in the near future as well as over the coming year and fix all the little things that need doing, and just need someone to come in and do, Im also going to need to find a replacement seeing as im only going to be around for a year and after that they are going to be high and dry without me. (Im going to write a separate blog of all the things im actually going to do for the YES centre as this list is quite long and cannot be limited to a single point)
in any case thisis the plan for the next year, should be fun, lets hope it all goes well


9 Jun 2009

Welcome to Poverty

Well its not quite that bad, however I have almost completely run out of money, obviously I still have a place to live and I'm still fed, however having no money does make the world a far more irritating place to be, I never imagined being so much without money that catching the bus seemed like an unreal luxury. Basically I managed to spend a bunch of money whilst not technically earning any, so instead of my accounts remaining more or less, balanced at a couple of hundred quid as they had done before do to a steady in-out flow of cash, they began to drop (because spending remained constant while cash inflow stopped). I have deduced that this is because I no longer work 2 or 3 jobs as I used to, and the main one, (teaching guitar at the youth centre) I had taken some time off for revision and finishing coursework. Im almost back on top of things now I have a few projects coming in as well as being back at work. AND looking for a new lifeguard job. I am implementing the following changes to my lifestyle as a result of my personal economic crysis.
  1. I am going to continue not using the bus unless I plan to take several trips (therefore a dayrider can be justified) or it is actually too far or will take too long to walk there (for example if I have to meet some people 10 miles away at 7am then chances are ill take the bus)
  2. I'm going to keep a book in which I will write down everything I spend, and tally it against the amount of money I have in order to keep better track of what Im doing.
  3. I will no longer Buy the beer for the band, at least without them pitching in a fair amount, (for example us all kicking in a fiver rather than me kicking in £20 and them making off with the booze)
  4. I will attempt not to eat while out and about so often, because sandwiches and snacks are so expensive, and Im never really that far from my house that I cant just go home to get fed
  5. I have recently learned of a long term savings account that I have with some money in it that pays out now that I am 18, now instead of doing the obvious thing and spending that on somthing cool I am going to instead transefer it to a new savings account, that I am unable to withdraw more than £20 a week or somthing from (in case of emergancies) and have a certain percentage or amount of my active bank account (where my wages go and what not) pay into it at the end of every month (then spend it all like a crazy person later on, hehe, or maybe just save it for university and the odd thing for margret (the mercedes))

current bank status £6.26 :(

but getting paid soon for guitar lessons :)
and have some other money to paying (refund for lifeguard training + backdated allowance) :)
embarking on a new project that is set to be quite lucrative (even if i am sharing the profit with my brother) :)
ANND getting a take rebate, wich concidering what they've taken from me undeservaddly should be quite a lot :)

if only all the worlds problems concerning money could be solved by walking every where for a little while and resolving to be more responsible. one can only dream.

"P" for Physics and "P" for Poop coincidence!?

As I dont particularly wish to completely flunk physics (even a very low pass would suit me) come results day in august, I am currently in school revising, now having done a day (well bit of a day) of revision with my (genius) friend Alan on the hardest paper we are going to take, (that of course being the Physics 2826 unifying concepts paper, in which the subject matter and nature of the questions is a mystery to everyone) and we did pretty well, no major trauma, so I thought today was going to be a bit of a breeze (you know as far as physics goes) being that im doing a (supposedly) easier paper. However I have become stumped a number of times already, and have therefore resorted to blankly staring at the question paper, reading the almost incomprehensable mark scheme and blogging.

I thought this picture was funny and kinda showed how I feel, completely swamped. mostly though its funny, that ladys face is all like "what the F**k is going on here, this is my office i need to work here, and someones filled it with paper"