20 Nov 2008

The Room Upstairs

My Live Music Show, 
Recently as my audiophilia was just begining to develop ( I can imagine already that this will become more pronounced, and annoying to others over time) I began the arrangements for a small scale, one-night-only musical variety show in the old theatre above the youth centre where I work. The theatre itself hold 300 people and asa relitively small theatre in a very small town, is terribly neglected and hardly ever used apart from the occasional amature dramatics group performance or school play, so in part it is a gig to raise awareness of the old theatre,  (I'll post some pictures aty a later date, it is delightfully retro). The acts playing at the gig (dubbed "The Room Upstairs" being that the theatere is located in the upstairs area of the building) will be entirely youth acts from around my area (Torbay in South Devon) so the Gig is also (obviously) youth based, and is designed so that some of the less known or "gig challenged" acts in the area can have a go at performing live, and all of the shenanigans that go with it. The gig is to be on the 30th of January 2009 so if you are in the brixham area on that day between 6 and 11 feel free to drop into the theatre and check it out. the theatre has been booked and now we are looking for a lighing/sound guy and a security guard (which the theatre booking office assures me is essential if anykind of live music is bening played), luckily my good friend who is doing a mucis production degree is coming down (making time is his very strict sleeping/drinking shedule) to help us sound check and set up everything, and ultimately to shout at the sound and light guy for me while I'm running around in circles stressed out of my mind. 
In a shocking turn of events the councill agreed to pay for the booking of the theatre, so all the fundraising that was to be required has now been dramatically cut, being needed only to pay for the afore mentioned sound guy and security guard. so (a little used phrase these days coming up ) yeey for the council! 

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