20 Nov 2008

The Jeffster 3000

I Decided I should post this, because someone besides me needs to see the wonderment of this guitar, it began life as a fairly rubbish yamaha kock off, a black straty type thing in need of some love, so I sanded it down and painted it in white primer, at which point my girlfriend (a really arty type, and fellow music head) took it away and began several months work upon it, work which I was not allowed to see the progress of at all, untill the final unveiling, this is the result....

as you can see the entire front surface of the guitar is covered in little tiny jellyfish and lightning bolts, the jellyfish in question is none other than Electro Jeff (or Sir Electro Jeffery Pickle to give him his full name) who is one of my girlfriends oldest illistratory characters, these will be posted on her blog whoisgrumblebeard soon, the rear of the guitar has the life story of electro jeff picked out in silver pen , and the side (as visible in some of the shots) has 'Jeff related mottos and guarentees. after the painting I decided that in order to protect if from the damagage i was sure to inflict on it due to general clumsyness I would need to have it varnished, being too scared to do so myself i sent it of to a friend of mine who works as a car body sprayer (overkill but if gets the job done) so the guitar was properly hung and sprayed in a pressure controlled environmen and now at present I am fitting the electronics and neck, to this beast and will hopefully be playing it live a the room upstairs gig next January (awesome), Im going to have to fill it out with some killer pickups. it has a space for one humbucker and 2 single coil pickups, im going to ebay myself a nice soapbar hummer and possibly get the telecaster set up pickups for the other two spaces, give me a proper weird sound for a proper weird guy playing a PROPER wierd guitar.


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