20 Nov 2008

Retro Headphones

Continuing on the previous post, (many experienced bloggers will note that all these posts ar on the same day, and even savvyer bloggers will notice that they are all done in he same couple of hours, this enthusiasm will probably not last very long, but at present I have much to say so here it goes, blogging my brains out, but I digress), Headphones, we as audiophiles need them to survive and will go to great lenghts to achieve them, however, as that dream job in a real recording studio is little more than I pipedream for most of us funds are a little limited, making headphones (and speakers) a source of longing and idolisation that the sihk people of the world would look down upon with fury. at present I have been drawn to more retro looking headphones ideally the headphones "Jez" wears in peep show, but failing that Panasonic RP-HTX7's which are super retro, however when I finally stumbled upon a panasonic shop in the desolate audio wasteland that is torbay in south devon I found that they (like many headphones that i want) are £50 (100 USD) so I left defeated not stopping even to look the smug bespecled shop assistant in the eye before I left (I bet he felt that ...not). later though while trawling the interweb in search of (more affordable) retro headphones I came across the "Boosted Stiloso Headphones" which look at least, awesome, and have become the logo for this blog, and my ultimate aim from this moment is to own a pair of these headphones (or the panasonics hehe im not picky) the colour range is limited but who cares when that "limited" colour range includes that fantasic cherry red or an equally striking arctic white. 

Not all good news, my panasonic in ear headphones (for use while wearing a hat, which I do very often much to the anoyance of my educators) were destroyed in a cycling accident (they became wrapped around the spoked and were ripped apart by moments and pressure, you win again physics!!) so I am back to the supremely uncomfortable unresponsive pieces of whiteplasic sh1t that woolwoths dares to call headphones, (though at 99p (2 bucks) i cant really complain too much) so its hats ahoy a little untill I replace the gallant knights that were my litle panasonic buds hehe.


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