26 Oct 2009

40th post...

Well this blog is becoming more of a personal image board recently, I dnt have much to write about, most folks who read this blog also read Karys' and so know the latest on us, most of the time

to recap: Recently, went to london and met up with Karys, it was lovely spent the entire day with her and convinced her to stay the night as well, no officially back together and in love.

for those who read this blog and are thinking back together (and furthermore were hugely puzzled by the Scott Farley post) then basically I broke up with Karys ... yadda yadda (bad stuff happens) ... yadda yadda, I realise I'm a massive idiot who is completely in love with her, send her a letter to this effect, she replies with the best possible answer to the effect that she loves me too, and then we talk for about 40 hours, meet in London and that part of the story is recapped above.

All lovely:

Except, I cant get Scott, out of my head (Scott is the guy who she rebounded to after me),
I know...

  1. nothing is going to happen
  2. that what did happen can be classified as a mistake and meaningless (well you know not to be worried about)
  3. I can do nothing about the past
  4. That going on about it will be no doubt annoying Karys, which is obviously something I want to avoid
  5. That Karys (and/or my mum) is going to read this later and try to make me feel better
but it still annoys me, I cant even settle on what it is that annoys me
partly its that he was mean to Karys during their short time together and treated her like an object rather than a human being. But partly its just that the thought of him touching her make my flesh crawl and imagining them together makes me ill (seriously love is great like that) 

this post isn't really getting me anywhere, so ill just leave with the original purpose of this post (before I started rambling against even my own will)

ahh its a private joke (a joke about privates) and it makes me feel just a little bit better
(like using Scott's enormous nose as a choc for a 747 landing gear hehehe)

..Wade ( I love it when I randomly type up what I'm thinking without thinking)

13 Oct 2009


Gahh won't go any bigger, tis a rough story board for the movie "Karys and James, the deal in film"

enjoy (notice the random doodles haha)

12 Oct 2009












I think I may make this a monthly thing, take a bunch of photos and then post them at the end! 
cool stuff!


The full collection of emo photos from college yeey