19 Oct 2010

Vtg 70s Indie Mod FAIRISLE Chunky SKI Jumper Small on eBay (end time 19-Oct-10 20:44:46 BST)

I now have a "BLOG THIS!" button on my chrome screen so I can update about random shizzle I'm looking at on the internet, like for instance this rather fetching jumper

Vtg 70s Indie Mod Chunky SKI Jumper Small on eBay


15 Oct 2010

Phone Pictures

Here are a few more phone pictures

Do I hold platic bags weirdly?

A usb HUG yay

My Flatmate Georgie dancing with the sandwichmaker

A very "Poshe" Microwave pudding

My Friend Amy and the home made "Where's Wally" shirt we fashioned from a wifebeater and a sharpie

A rather cool illustration of me as a crab

*no explanation necessary

I hope you enjoyed that little browse through the things I have seen!


"Good Boy" week

I have decided that next week I am going to do what I have called "good boy week" as this week, hence forth to be known as "the week of blurry darkness" as been blurry and dark to say the least.

Essentially I have subsisted on a diet of: Pizza, jacket potatos, burgers, chips and a weird pasta-y dish (which had burgers in it) so not very healthy AT ALL. I have also consumed a record amount of alcoholic drinks (a record for me not mankind) and have on 2 occasions stumbled home and gone to sleep and woken unaware of exactly how I ended up there. I have also lost my red top hat :( , and nearly lost my phone (twice! in one night!) 

so taking this into consideration, "good boy week" is all about NOT doing things like that.

here is the manifesto of the good boy

  1. Eat Fruit and or veg every day
  2. Proper meals... with ingredients, (maybe one treat meal like a pizza)
  3. Breakfast if possible (even toast is something)
  4. No sleeping past 11, even if there is no uni to go to
  5. Go to ALL lectures and Seminars
  6. Spend no more than £5 at the su on booze in one night
  7. Duy one crate of beer for pre-drinks to last the whole week, (ave - 2 a day)
  8. Do the laundry
  9. Brush teeth every night and morning
  10. a tenth thing
so we will see if I can manage it, I'll be quite sad if I can't it means there is no hop for me as an adult


11 Oct 2010

Ingrid Bergman

It would seem that as of late I have become a little "Ingrid Bergman" obsessed, so here is an explanation so  don't look like I'm crazy for a dead lady.

For those of you that don't know, Ingrid Bergman is (was) an actress from the 40's who most famously appeared in the film Casablanca alongside Humphrey Bogart in 1942 (thank you wikipedia). The reason she has particular significance to me is that my long serving stage guitar is named after her, and has a photo of her taped onto the back, try to spot it next time a get really into a solo, she is extremely sentimentally important to me (in fact I don't think I have played a live show with Ricky and the Pigeons to date with out her), not only because of her long running stage relationship with me, but also because she is a one of a kind.

I will try to upload some pictures soon, however if you dig through the Ricky and the Pigeons Facebook archives you will see that she has a odd style finish, this is in fact paper mache (newspaper and tissue) applied layer on layer on layer, and then washed with white, and the look is amazing, kinda matte and bumpy with little bits of text visible. (over time and hundreds of sweaty gigs, bits have worn away adding to the amazing character of her)

...And the reason this is significant is that this finish was applied to her before I even knew of her existence, by my ever amazing and talented fiancĂ©e before she surprised me with it as a gift for no particular reason (other than love) it is by far my favourite guitar and is a constant reminder of Karys whenever I'm on stage (cue awww noises) 

so in conclusion that is why I have chosen a black and white Ingrid Bergman theme for my internet persona, if you care to take a look around at my things online like 
Tumblr (not running yet give me a week or so)
and to a lesser extent Facebook
you will see they are all going a bit Bergman, (she is such a classy lady after all)


10 Oct 2010

Car Crash!

Whilst dropping Ricky home after a day of post (cancelled) gig laziness and hanging out, I was involved in a car crash, I stopped to let another car pass a parked car (following the normal rules of the road) but the guy behind me wasn't looking, and ploughed directly into the back of me, which was more irritating than actually distressing, especially as Claude (also known as the Pigeon-mobile) is our main mode of transportation for gigs (and food)
For it to be destroyed would be more annoying than I could begin to contemplate.
As I walked around I saw that the front his car was totalled, absolutely destroyed and I feared the worst for poor Claude.

Luckily this is the extent of the damage. (no pics of his car unfortunately didn't take these till I got home, but trust me it was a wreck)

Dirty? Maybe. 
Seriously Damaged? No.

A slight crack in my Bumper,
 Cant remember if it was there before the crash though!

Seems the Pigeon-mobile is made of some pretty tough stuff.

The Guy, (and his dad who turned up a short time later) was very reasonable admitted the entire thing was his fault and expressed great concern for my well-being (I think he wanted to avoid me suing him for having whiplash or something) considering my car wasn't damaged and it was his fault we went our separate ways.

Little bit of shameless self advertising,