20 Nov 2008

Fashion and the Scene

I said I'd be posting about things other than music and i will, mostly just to keep a record of what I'm doing, I havent got any pictured yet so instead I will share this website with you www.yourscenesucks.com it is basiclly a illustrator who has turned his hand to what he does best, drawing exaggerated (or not in some scary cases) of "depressed" teenagers, I am not ashamed to admit I see myself in many of the scensters depicted, and own a number of the shirts modelled (oh so elegantly) bu the "generic emo boy" (the shirts are available for the illustrator rob dobi, through a link on his website) I occasionally look here when thinking of new things to wear, in a similar way that top fashion designers follow kids around london and then steal their looks for they next show, let this be a warning to all the kids of london with truely unique looks, dont trust anyone, they're out to profit from our ideas, or acts of whim or whatever and soon everyone will be flaunting (and then discarding) your brainchild, and I imagine that would hurt. However (getting back to the point)  generally I just rummage through charity shops, someting which recently became uncool again so I have the best pick (hooray for flops in fashion)  so check out the website have a laugh (if your up for a laugh at yourself, or if you really dont see anything in them of you) or a scowl (if you take yourself too seriously) 


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