23 Nov 2008

Top Hats (bane of the hat loving audiophile)

Ahh The Top hat, no eccentric should ever be without one, it makes you look sharp stand out, and feel rather grand, people will look and you can pull of a bit of a strut without looking like a wierdo (well, you will look like a weirdo, but a proffessionsl weirdo, not just a strutting amature) however the problem with being a developing audiophile and an avid lover and supporter of the hatted community  is that all but a few hats, (the beanie, the flatcap and the baseball cap) make it impossible to wear the large signature headphones that are so coveted by the sound loving community. Untill recently I had the problem more or less sussed with large headphones being worn with hoodies (or the afore mentioned available hats) and my panasonic buds for hat use, however as mentioned in my "retro headphones" post, those little beauties died an untimely death at the hands (spokes) of my bike. Again I appear to have strayed from the point of this post and started ranting about my destroyed headphones again. Top Hats, the hat pictured here is infact my own top hat, bought from the eternal wonder that is eBay, it only cost £30 and there is never a day I regret that purchase, It has become my personal friend, treasured possetion and sorta my mascot, it is just about 100 years old, making it the most antique thing I have ever carried on my head. I have had to alter my habits about wearing it around the miscreant and subhuman examples that are labelled as my classmates, as on one occasion it was stolen and stamped on, (obviously in some form of fit of jelousy on the part of the stamp-y) seriously affection the structual soundness of it. Wearing asa standard clothing item rather than just looking at it from behid glass it has caused a great deal of wear and tear on hat anyway, the inner band is coming loose and has been re-sewn and double sided taped back on, as can (possibly be seen from the pictures thre are a few bald spots on the moleskin, but all that just adds to the battered top hat look that is so cool. I now also own a much more recently made bright red top hat, which is cheaper and younger and so able to be worn in public (or school) without the possibility of attack causing too much distress. The pictures at the foot of this post serve to illustrate how my vivanco headphones cannot be worn in conjunction with the top hat, much to my sadness, however on quiet days a nice effect han be achived by wearing the vivancos around my neck with the volume turned up so I can hear the music leaving the top of my head free for any amount of hattage.

.. Wade

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