6 Dec 2010

short blog

I'm supposed to be doing some drawing for my design class tomorrow, (and I am!) but in the mean time here is a little blog about something of no particular interest to anyone!

As anyone who reads my fiancĂ©e Karys' Blog (pretty much all my followers and then some!) will know I went over to her house for the weekend (which was lovely) 

we had a nice time being silly and lazying around. we also did something I don't normally do if left to my own devices (Minds out of the gutter now children) we had breakfast! Yup that exciting! On top of this we had cooked breakfast and I had eggs!

This is a Fried egg (I strongly suggest you Google eggs it is most entertaining)

I don't actually remeber the last time before this weekend that I actually ate an egg, suffice it to say it was a long long time ago. I enjoyed eating my eggs and having breakfast in general, but when I got back to my flat I thought "well the magic ends here no more breakfast, no more eggs" only to open my fridge and find EGGS, that are mine left over from the massive toad in the hole me and Karys had made a few weeks earlier!

This actually made me inordinately happy and I am looking forward to my breakfast of egg and potato waffle tomorrow morning (knowing my luck I will probably get up late and skip breakfast as usual though)

there you go a short blog about something that happened to me recently (with eggs) 

remember: google images - "eggs" its worth a look just to see the odd things that come up



  1. and you moderate comments and I am no on the blog list! I am so hurt man!

  2. Blog list: rectified
    Moderation: I don't know how to turn it off, haha, working on it though haha