7 Dec 2010

New Project

Today in class we got our new brief, which is to be handed in in the new year. 

Here is the Gist of the brief, cobbled together from the "pre-tea" notes I took in the Class

  • We have to create a "Favicon"
    • A "Favicon" is a a 16x16 pixel square logo that appears in the address bar of a website
  • It has to represent "ME" and the kind of work I want to do
  • Its going to be used on my website/professional blog (Jamesagw.wordpress.com go over there for a little gander) 
  • I have to make 3 versions of the same idea, 
    • a standard digital 16x16 version
    • a version made from 1inch square pieces of paper
    • a version made out of "objects" (yup that open ended) I'm thinking I might go for balloons, 
So not a lot really, we are being Judged by people from a design duo called "Jiggery Pokery" who I have actually heard off before.
we have also been told to look at the work of Ian Wright (not the footballer) www.mrianwright.co.uk  which is pretty cool, and although he hasn't done anything with balloons, (to my knowledge) But is kinda where  I got the idea for the balloon thing

I can't really get my head around the Idea of making a little Icon without creating a full graphic Identity, So I Imagine I will go the full 9 yards and design a full thing for my blog, and just show my tutors the favicon!

My tutor Mark said 2 interesting things during the briefing. 
  1. He called the Internet the "Digidom" (Digital Kingdom) which I quite liked
  2. He called our blogs our "shop front" which got me thinking about making my blog more like a digital shop (not cheesy, or like an e-commerce site, just a bit like a shop front) 
as a set up to the brief we had to do a mini project, where we coloured in numbered squares and put them together at the end to make a picture.

yay Jesus
That's right a pixelated Jesus made from bits of paper and pens!

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