11 Dec 2010

Band Photos

Just lately I have been thinking that the band needs some new photos taking as we, only really have the 'one' decent one of us and it was taken quite a while ago, and since then all of our haircuts have changed, and we have a new drummer. Additionally, stairs are almost akin to brick walls in terms of cliché-ness, not that it isnt a good photograph, it just needs updating.

we're so cool

So I have spent the last few hours trawling through pictures of bands on 'the google' to try and get an idea of what I personally would want to produce something similar to and with any luck the rest of the band will look up some pictures of their own so we can have a group forum before we actually take any photos, 

I like this one mostly for the colour, but the layout of the band, combines with the odd angle of the camera makes this quite a strong image (and also it has a cello in it, which is totally badass)

This one Karys liked because of the dogs, I think aside from the creepy frontman looking the wrong way, this is a good layout, I quite like that the band is squeezed into the frame, and that their legs are missing, like they are at a window.

Again the obvious attraction to this image is the bloke in the banana costume, but I think the rooftop setting is good, and having the guys look a bit like they are all doing different thinks, (the guy on the left of the banana for example looks a bit like he has no idea how he got there or has just arrived by matter transporter)

I think in this picture the band is too small, but I like the room and the wide angle lens shot

I don't know if this is a photo or a screen cap from a music video, either way the curvy room is cool, with the shadows moving in all different directions, the band again is too small, and not particularly charismatic looking.

I like the old grain on this photo, and the (dare I say it) lens flare, looks pretty snazzy too, the guy in the hat looks a bit funny, like he is squaring up to the camera man, (or lady) I like the golden yellow setting sun type images, dunno if RATP is really a golden yellow setting sun kinda band though

It's RON WEASLEY! no it isn't Ron is a fictional character played by Rupert Grint, and this isnt HIM either, its some other ginger bloke and his band, not entirely sure about the bright blue caravan sidling in behind who I have decided is the bass player, but the composition is good, I've noticed most bands are shot from a low angle, which Karys previously told me was a no-no, but perhaps that's just for single person portraits, I suppose it make sense for bands as most people will see them from a low angle when they are on stage and what not.

Again I like this image as it looks like the band are looking through a window at the view (albeit with blindfolded eyes) the look is like they are about to be executed, it looks god but I'm not sure there are too many elements we could lift from it for out own needs.

I think this is a cool picture and probably one that ultimately we could pull off, I think "sunglasses to look cool" has been done now, and would probably opt for not having anyone wear them for a picture, I also think the guy in the green coat looks a bit like he has wandered into the photo by accident. So that's "walking-as-though-looking-for-a-venue-where-we-are-supposed-to-be-playing" noted as a style of photograph for me.

One of these guys (I know they are "The Kooks" but what am I supposed to say, "one of these Kooks" no. I refuse, they are guys, and guys is what I shall call them) appears to have his leg in the water, I don't know if this kind of photo would work for us, are we pretty enough for a gritty true tone photograph, also I dont know if were are really woodland music, although neither are "The Kooks" I suppose.

I like the idea behind this photo, and its layout, however the framing looks slightly awkward, (the amp that the bass player is stood on is mostly out of shot, and the perspective makes it a bit weird) and also it looks FAR too much like it was shot in someone's garden. 

Apart from the bloke who appears to be texting someone I like this photo, I think It would be better if they were all climbing, and looking around as though they had just been caught in a spotlight, aside from this the lighting is good, and the black background that could go on forever is awesome.

Band photo plus Peter Jones! That's right it's world famous mega band Hamfatter! ... anyone? HAMFATTER! anyway I got this photo of them from the daily mail website next to the story, "Band gets record deal on Dragons Den"  (most media coverage they have had) enough about the colossal flop of a band that Hamfatter is. I like this image purely for the brilliantness of Peter Jones' shoes, the soles of them huge up at the front of the image, more important than the awkward pose of Jones himself, the odd setting of a country house or the yellow lilo object he is resting the feet on, if only we had a glass floor available to us, a shoe based shot where we didn't have to sit uncomfortably would be cool.

I like this one for the golden sun-ness again and for the fact that no one is looking at the camera, its almost like they "really were" wandering around on a private beach when someone ran up set up a tripod and expensive camera and snapped a shot of them. still I do like it.

This is the favourite of Karys to whom I showed all these pictures first, the setting and the lighting are very good in this picture, combined with the sub central focus of the sandwich, all in all good, don't like the look of the front guy very much though, his head is odd and it scares me.

And finally this one, I like the reflective table, leather seat, black and white background photos, and all over greeny browny tone, I also like the position of the band members, and how this makes you notice the 1st guy 1st, the 2nd guy 2nd and so on.

So these are my picks of what to base our photographs on, any comments (from RATP band members or Members of the random blogging community) would be much appreciated. 
In Addition to these Images I had a few Ideas for pictures of my own and I shall bullet point them, as I am lazy and don't have any images to go with them.

  • In a car
  • Lit by car headlights
  • In an arcade (playing air kockey, suggested by Karys)
  • In london, bricklane/shoreditch (suggested by Karys) 
  • In an old pub
  • on a heavily patterned antique rug
  • on a sofa in a field (or somewhere it shouldn't be)
I dont really have an appropriate sign off statement, but thank you for reading


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