8 Dec 2010


These are some drawings that I have been Doing lately, (I appologize to people who follow my tumblr or Dailybooth who will have already seen these) I am trying to do a Page of drawings or doodles a day, I have decided that from this point, until I get bored with the idea, I will post the images as I draw them on tumblr and dailybooth and then do an "end of week review" here on Blogger with 7(hopefully) images. As I have a Deviant art and a Flickr, I'll probably stick 'em up there too, (this isn't very useful information for you, I'm just blogging my immediate thoughts.... crisps)

I accidentally drew this instead of doing the 12 things blog earlier

This is part of a design to draw on Karys as a pretend tattoo

This was the first drawing I did, based on the heart Karys Drew on my chest last weekend,
look on her blog to see it Http://www.whoisgrumblebeard.blogspot.com

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  1. The last one reminded me of Jeepers Creepers, when they read the number plate and its B34t1ngYou or something, and they think its "Beating you" but actually its "Be Eating You"
    not that thats relevant to anything. but I just said it, and I'll be damned if I don't press the "post comment" button now!