30 Dec 2010

Christmas has Come and gone

So here it is, christmas has past by for another year, and as such I have dug out my laptop, and begun using my various forgotten internet mediums, proper normal service will return on the 10th of January when I get back to University. (thinking about it I haven't ever mentioned on this blog that I am AT university at all, much less what I am studying, this will be rectified in a new blog some time soon, but until then on with this one)

For those interested I will be starting up my "drawing a day" on my tumblr page (http://www.jamesagw.tumblr.com)  

and I will be back to my usual silliness of posting several pictures a day on dailybooth

ok, with that business out of the way on with the main point of the blog, and a title very much like a primary school presentation to the class, "What I did over the holidays"

This year I was feeling particularly Christmassy as, before I came home, I went out Christmas shopping solo for the first time ever, and was looking forward to see if I had done well in the present buying stakes, and honestly that was the best bit, giving things to other people and them liking it, I feel all grown up and in with proper Christmas spirit. There was the usual stuff, getting a tree, decorating it, opening presents, athiest jokes, christmas dinner, cold meat and chips, slightly awkward phone conversations with relatives to old or young to operated a phone correctly, you know the ordinary stuff.

This year as an added thing, my good friend and lead singer of Ricky and the pigeons Jamie "Tango Spencer" Duffield, came to stay with us over the festive period, as his family has gone to Florida, this has been good too, usually if a mate stays over for more than a few days they become unbelievably irritating eventually, but Duffield has fitted right in as a faux Wade, and shared in our festivities (until he was whisked away by his extended family / salvation army)

I also got to spend some of Christmas day with Karys, which was ace, we had a mini Christmas sat by the fire, where we opened the gifties we had gotten for each other, (she predictably, got me more gifts than I got her, as she really really likes to give gifts) and then we all (me, Karys, the Family and Duffield) sat down and watched Back to the Future.

so all in all a very nice Christmas over for another year. looking forward to an entertaining new years eve party at the bowers, and a good new year all round, but more about my plans for the year later this is becoming quite a long blog, and there aren't any pretty pictures to distract from the stream of consciousness.

so I will leave it here, I hope everyone else had a lovely Christmas, and has an awesome new year.
look out for my upcoming blogs, 
- my presents this year
- my new years aims and resolutions 
- University, which one I'm at and why

until then, byee


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