6 Dec 2010

Odd Habits


so, over the weekend I was watching "freak like me" with Karys 
its that programme with Russell Kane that looks at people's odd habits, in kind of a jokey fun way, and obviously as an entertainment show it takes it to extremes and only shows the people who only just fit in normal society and have some pretty crazy OCD style habits.

and this got me thinking.

I have a couple of habits, just little ones, but I haven't ever really documented them or thought about what I do and why, so this being the internet, home of free expression here is a list, in no particular order of my habits.

1) I bite my nails, a lot. Basically any time I'm not doing anything in particular I will bite my nails, I don't even know why I do it, it stresses out Karys, because she thinks I'm upset or worried, but it is just habit, the prime time for me to bite my nails is
    a) During Lectures/Talks/Briefs at Uni (basically if I'm sitting around watching someone talk, my fingers are being bitten)
    b) Watching TV
    c) Reading a book
If I run out of nails, (which lets face it happens fairly often) I just bite my fingers instead... yeey, I usually end up with very sore fingers after a while and this affects my guitar playing (which is never good) if they hurt too much and I cant play guitar at all, then I pour super-glue over them to seal them up and build a layer between my fingers and the strings and viola no more hurting!

2) In the morning I get out of bed and go to the toilet (note this isn't the habit, everyone does this I'm building up to it, remain calm) after I have done my business I leave the bathroom but on my way out I click the lights on and then off again, (that bit is the habit, the OCD light switch flick) I don't know why I do this, I think it used to be that I flicked the light on in the 1st place because it is light in the bathroom (being that it is morning) and I think it must be the light so I try to turn it off, so when it gets lighter I realise and turn the light off again. But now I dont wait for it to get lighter I just flick it twice in quick succession (sometimes throwing a glance at the light itself to gain insight to its lit/unlit status) if I am particularly awake I can stop myself doing this, but 9 times out of 10 I will do it.... odd right

3) I only ever get a drink 1/2 way through a  meal. (this one drives Karys mad!) when I eat a meal, rather than getting a drink at the beginning (as would be sensible) I wait until midway though the meal and have to get up and get one. This irritates Karys as she always offers me a drink before a meal, and until recently I always declined, and then later went to get myself one. She now tells me to "think about it" when she offers me a drink and so when I'm with her I get one and avoid the mid meal, interruption.

4) dailybooth, now this may not seem like a habit but it has become a bit of one for me, and is becoming one of the sites I use more often than any other. The idea of dailybooth is to take a photo a day as a document of how you look and what you are up to that day, you can leave a little caption and people can comment, lovely. At the moment however when I am at home I use it more like twitter, to take a picture of what I am doing that MOMENT and see what people think, I usually take 3 to 8 pictures a day depending on what I'm doing, I just like it. It annoys some of my other friends as it does update to my twitter as well meaning there is no escape from my mindless picture taking. Again I dont know why I dailybooth so much, I just like it, it's kind of instant and the commenting system means you can talk to a randomer about something (without (as many) trolls as might be found on other "talk to randomer" websites) I also quite like getting comments on the things that I am doing (low self esteem?) 

I think that is it for now, 4 a nice weird list length, not a simple 3 but not a top 5 either

Watch "Freak like me" (http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vls5z) for more extreme habits etc
and if you are interested in perusing my twitter or Dailybooth accounts that I mentioned in the blog the URL's are as follows

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Jamesagw_ratp
Dailybooth: http://www.dailybooth.com/jamesagw



  1. I think the host of the show is a fake, all the 'habits' he seems like they are put on for entertainment value which doesn't even exist

  2. @Ricky I agree, I don't think he has any of those habits... maybe the habits he DOES have are too odd EVEN for the show, or maybe he doesn't want to share that level of personal information on TV haha

  3. I am not why but I really like your light on then off thing in the morning!
    Also, I do something similar with drinks during meals. I think it's mainly because my kitchen is really cramped and every one gets a little bit touchy about "getting in the way"! But then they get made when I get up to get a drink :P Can't win!

  4. how so? like doesnt anger you, or you have fixed the internet at your end, sorry for slow reply Im not used to getting comments