1 Jan 2011

Christmas Presents

As Promised here is a blog about, the stuff I got for Christmas, because without Jesus (and that's the way I like my Christmas) it's pretty much all about the presents. (and togetherness, family, love, giving etc)

1st up, Books! I got a selection of books, including a book of toilet humour "laugh on the loo" which is definitely NOT from Karys' Mother (....riiight) 

Next up, Life Aquatic and Watchmen on DVD, no need for further explanation, these are awesome.

Jagermeister and a Guitar Tuner, I quite like how they sorta match.

Headphones (super bitching rero panasonic ones) A fish eye lomography Camera (also bitching) Character Napkins and a set of Vintage 1989 Batman bedsheets (cos I'm a big kid)


Chrome Deer Head, for hanging hats on.

So there you go a selection of things I got for Christmas, I also got a Lumix camera with a big ol' leica lens, which I used to take these pictures, I'm sure with better light and framing the other pictures I take with it will be much better :P


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  1. Sounds like pretty awesome gifts!! I love the deer head :)

    <3 Belly B