8 Dec 2010

12 Quirky things I own

As per Karys' and Duffield's examples I have decided to do a blog about 12 slightly "off kilter" things that I own

1)Top Hat
Very Dashing
I bought this just under 3 years ago, a short while after Karys and I met, it is one of my favourite possessions, I think it is over 100 years old, and recently I wrote an essay about it (hopefully a good grade will follow)

2)Grammarcy Hall School  Blazer

Chris Guy, the woman from the Y.E.S centre where I often Volunteer accidentally 'stole' this for me from the school it belonged to assuming it was mine anyway, it has the name "Edward Gillin"stitched into the collar and the inside breast, the best thing about this blazer (aside from the red piping and awesome logo) is it isn't like the Grammarcy Hall blazers that the kids were wearing right before it shut down, so I think it might be something of an antique, or possibly the guise of a prefect or head boy, pretty cool either way, and it looks good!

3) pixel watch

This was an engagement gift from Karys, as I'm not much of a "ring wearer" its smaller than I thought it would be, but its very cool and is *kinda* engraved with mine and Karys' initials (its in dymo tape)

4) Glasses with no purpose
Maad emo pose I apologize, I was trying to avoid glare from my screen 
My Brothers Tom (Big G) and Billy, got me these for Christmas last year, because I like wearing glasses, but don't actually need to, its all very hipster, but I like the way my face looks when I wear glasses.

5) hip flask

Thats Right its a hip flask, so called, because its hip, that is all

6) Zippo

All True Badasses carry zippos and it's fun for me to pretend that I am that badass, but oneday a small fire will be required  and I will be the coolest looking person to offer assistance

7) Yellow Gameboy 

This is technically Karys' (but she lent it to me on a fairly permanent basis) which reduces its quirk slightly, but it is BRIGHT FREAKING YELLOW! I didn't even know they came in yellow until I saw this one, so yeah pretty quirky, I actually use it too, for tetris, mario (number 1) and pokemans from time to time haha

8) Lobster Bisque

It's a good luck thing, to be kept in a cupboard and never actually eaten, (unless extreme circumstances happen, like extreme famine) not shown in this picture is the fact is has a ring pull, so it can be opened and eaten even if no basic tools are available (i.e. during the Extreme Emergencies that would force me to eat it)

9) Jeremy

this is Jeremy, he is made from clay by my friend Reece who I don't often see anymore, this remains a pretty much constant gonk on my desk(s) and his ever smiling face lets me know everything is ok (he also kinda looks like a butt plug)

10) business cards + holder

I have a selection of business cards for various occasions, and a rather snazzy case to carry them around in, making me look super business-y all I need now is some of those blue shirts with white cuffs and some shiny cuff links.

11)compass set

Found this in the basement right before I went away to Uni, its a full set of precision compasses for drawing curves and shiz, assumedly for use by architects. its all packed away in a brown plastic leathery case with a cool deadly zip, looks very 70's and conjures images in the mind of dusty workshops and magnifier glasses, and the smell of very very sharp pencils (or perhaps that's just me) 

12) Red briefcase

Karys' bought this for me as a random "here you go" style gift, she found it in a charity shop, its red leather, with gold-y bits on it and when I carry it I like to imagine it is choc-full of secret government type documents, but luckily I don't leave it on the train by accident.

So there you go 12 Quirky things I own I hope that was Eye opening for everyone 



  1. I have a hip flask :D I'm not sure whether or not to include it on my list though (when I post it). I probably won't :P

  2. I wasnt sure weather or not to post the gameboy seeing as duffield had done his one, never mind eh haha