9 Jun 2009

"P" for Physics and "P" for Poop coincidence!?

As I dont particularly wish to completely flunk physics (even a very low pass would suit me) come results day in august, I am currently in school revising, now having done a day (well bit of a day) of revision with my (genius) friend Alan on the hardest paper we are going to take, (that of course being the Physics 2826 unifying concepts paper, in which the subject matter and nature of the questions is a mystery to everyone) and we did pretty well, no major trauma, so I thought today was going to be a bit of a breeze (you know as far as physics goes) being that im doing a (supposedly) easier paper. However I have become stumped a number of times already, and have therefore resorted to blankly staring at the question paper, reading the almost incomprehensable mark scheme and blogging.

I thought this picture was funny and kinda showed how I feel, completely swamped. mostly though its funny, that ladys face is all like "what the F**k is going on here, this is my office i need to work here, and someones filled it with paper"

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