4 May 2009

James Wade : Shit shoveller

hello blogosphere,

At this time I should be feverishly completing my Design and tech coursework, but as my room is entirely filled with
  1. noise
  2. sugar
  3. small children

this is impossible, (its my brothers birthday an all his friends are crowded into the little room next to mine watching the giant telly whaaay too loud) So I have decided to do something which I have been neglecting a little recently, BLOG! especially seeing as Karys likes it when I do and I feel like I've been letting her down a lot recently, not majorly just in lots of little ways, almost to the point where I feel like shes putting up with me, like a useless old man rather than enjoying my company like a couple of sprite teenagers that we are. so here it is.

Today, after realsing that work wont be an option until later tonight atleast, my dad enlisted me for help with the infamous WADE allotment, somthing that up untill now I had managed to avoid (the same thing cannot be said for a number of my friends and band-mates, who have been there to toil in the feilds on many occasions while I galavant off elsewhere (having fun)), Luckily i was saved from actual toil and simply had to go to chudliegh with my dad and pick up 5 black sacks of rotten horse shit, (mmmmmmmm lovely) hence the name of this post. In order to obtain said shit from the farm in chudleigh we had to climb atop crap mountain, following the standard crazy-horsefarm-owning-fleece-wearing-toothless-and-amazingly-quick-and-adept-at-climbing-hills-made-entirely-from-excrement, lady, my dad tried to cheer me up afterwards by telling me i could look at the horsey girls that were littered about the place. However I wasnt interested (for 2 reasons

  1. (most importantly) Karys!
  2. Horsey chicks are a little like chocolate buttons, if youve seen one youve seen them all really, and besides even to a horsey chick, a darthvader hoodie freshly splattered in poop is not a good look.)

after that (and much shouting at/ignoring our pretentious and annoying SATNAV machine) we went to ASDA and had a luncheon of sausage chips and beans, nice!

after that it was home for blogging, a so here we are.

also in the meantime the band perfomed two gigs, one at a night club and one at a chrch, I shall blog about both speparately in a few seconds, which one did we enjoy most?? where were there more people?? where did we get the best reception??? well in short the church, but read the blog to find out why.


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