13 Jun 2009


I failed to mention in my "future" blog that come the next general Election I will be running for MP of the Torbay Area, as an Independant, I will be working ong my policies and aims with my firends in the near future and really thing that I have a shot of, at the very least, getting my £500 back from entering the race. And how coll would it be if I got in, nice office, massive pay check trips to london, chance to make a difference to the people of my community, killer thing to put on my CV.

..... annnnnd another thing I forgot look out on the battery powered page for new recordings which we will be making in the next few months, at the dartmouth youth centre recording studio, which should be killer, especially with the new noise we've been making lately. In addition we will be hopefully planning some form of mini tour simply by choosing places we want to go, then attempting to get gigs there, hire some equipment anda van and bobs your uncle mini tour, could be ace!

I cant wait for the future its gunna be awesome!


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