9 Jun 2009

Welcome to Poverty

Well its not quite that bad, however I have almost completely run out of money, obviously I still have a place to live and I'm still fed, however having no money does make the world a far more irritating place to be, I never imagined being so much without money that catching the bus seemed like an unreal luxury. Basically I managed to spend a bunch of money whilst not technically earning any, so instead of my accounts remaining more or less, balanced at a couple of hundred quid as they had done before do to a steady in-out flow of cash, they began to drop (because spending remained constant while cash inflow stopped). I have deduced that this is because I no longer work 2 or 3 jobs as I used to, and the main one, (teaching guitar at the youth centre) I had taken some time off for revision and finishing coursework. Im almost back on top of things now I have a few projects coming in as well as being back at work. AND looking for a new lifeguard job. I am implementing the following changes to my lifestyle as a result of my personal economic crysis.
  1. I am going to continue not using the bus unless I plan to take several trips (therefore a dayrider can be justified) or it is actually too far or will take too long to walk there (for example if I have to meet some people 10 miles away at 7am then chances are ill take the bus)
  2. I'm going to keep a book in which I will write down everything I spend, and tally it against the amount of money I have in order to keep better track of what Im doing.
  3. I will no longer Buy the beer for the band, at least without them pitching in a fair amount, (for example us all kicking in a fiver rather than me kicking in £20 and them making off with the booze)
  4. I will attempt not to eat while out and about so often, because sandwiches and snacks are so expensive, and Im never really that far from my house that I cant just go home to get fed
  5. I have recently learned of a long term savings account that I have with some money in it that pays out now that I am 18, now instead of doing the obvious thing and spending that on somthing cool I am going to instead transefer it to a new savings account, that I am unable to withdraw more than £20 a week or somthing from (in case of emergancies) and have a certain percentage or amount of my active bank account (where my wages go and what not) pay into it at the end of every month (then spend it all like a crazy person later on, hehe, or maybe just save it for university and the odd thing for margret (the mercedes))

current bank status £6.26 :(

but getting paid soon for guitar lessons :)
and have some other money to paying (refund for lifeguard training + backdated allowance) :)
embarking on a new project that is set to be quite lucrative (even if i am sharing the profit with my brother) :)
ANND getting a take rebate, wich concidering what they've taken from me undeservaddly should be quite a lot :)

if only all the worlds problems concerning money could be solved by walking every where for a little while and resolving to be more responsible. one can only dream.


  1. awhh hehe
    I'll walk everywhere with you :)

    Best get back to getting ready for work now!
    Love you
    x x x

  2. Ouch £6.26, but i have £2.05 in mine so i'm stuffed, but spending £600 in a year i thought is quite good, especially £149 of it being a new iPod. So i'm actually quite happy knowing that. You paid like £20 a week for beer for the band and ricky and them not chipping in! Rough times bud. Btw for a lifegaurding job try Torbay Leisure Centre as a few of us will be going, including me at September.