13 Jun 2009

Stuff I have To do for the YES Centre

As previously posted I have a Bunch of things I want to get done down at the YES centre in brixham, especially over the next couple of Months.

Firstly on the musical side of things Im re arranging all my lessons so I can have new students and be more useful to kids who play instruments already and want to learn more about timeing and being in a band together. Im Getting some new equipment in to allow this to go much smoother, and me and my dad are taking a couple of days to renovate and repair all the current equiptment at the yes centre so it is up to code and ready to use. The Equiptment I plan to get is mostly to allow us to have to fully functional drumkits and a range of percussion-y sounds. and also perhaps some new Amps (like cabs and head units)

Which brings me to my second point I need to sell some of the yes centres stuff that they've been meaning to get rid of for a while, this will free up some space that I Can quickly fill with new stuff. I said that I would do it a while back and have been feeling guilty for not doing so ever since.

I have decided to take it upon myself to revamp the YES centres Website, It cant do it any harm as the traffic is limited anyway, and every little helps, My aim is to mke the site both pretty and actualy useful to the both ther YES centre and the public who want to find out more about the YES. This is not entirely Selfless as if I pull this off I can of course so it as an achievement on my portfolio, and gain professional credit for it, yay.

Im going to take a more active role once again in providing for the community, pushing myself forward in Young volunteers and outside organising events for the YES centre (like a potential Room Upstairs II) I'm also becoming a trustee of the yes centre meaning I can have an actuive role in bringing the youthy veiw forward in an adult run youth service as well as resuming going to youth forum meetings where I can have the same effect.

Im down there a lot as well Im sure I'll find some other stuff to do, (because all this stuff wont keep me busy nearly long enough)


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