23 Jul 2009

Guitar stoofs

I have recently been finally getting around to doin all the guitar equipment repairs I've been meaning to do for a while, It probably has something to do with hving to go to my dads workshop every day to do work for him there, (while I'm at it I may as well get some of my shite done using the tooling available)

The Jeffster 3000 Guitar (previously blogged about, either here or on karys' blogs or both), will finally be sporting a set of Telecaster Neck pickups (because they look awesome AND have a mellow sound) in both the neck and mid position (ooh breaking the rulez) and a nice chrome finished humbucker in the bridge position.

The Eros mark II LP copy that has been hanging in my room forever with the peg head holes filled, will finally be getting drilled out to make way for the nice set of matching machine heads I bought a wile ago. That will also be taking an electronic overhaul, in that I will be replacing the conventional Hummers with a set of soap-bar pickups which are awesome, same approximate size as a humbucker pickup but similar makeup to a conventional single coil pickup found on a strat (wiki page)
again sweet.

The old Strat copy (rockwood somthing or other) which I hada carpenter attack for a while, then painted white, then varnished, then drawn on with permanant marker has now be BURNED!

pickup covers burned, but still work, I'm Going to stick with the conventional pickups and layout, but have a preamp effects thing built into the body (for secret solos haha) and have these operated by a miniture frankenstien style knife switch.

Finally is the Am I have been building, it is a oneoff special build that incorporates a Valve preamp, (with all manner of equalizing knobs) lined through a very small, but astoundingly powerful class D amplifier, then out through a tiny 6inch speaker, so in short I will take it on stage and people will laugh, but then ill switch it on and people will CRY, (and if it isnt loud enough it has an output so I can line it out through another amplifier (like the ones at YES) for added noise!

oh yeah and i painted it white, cos black amps are dulll.


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