11 Mar 2009

Could It be!!

currently listening to, the sound of myself and others in the room clack-clack-clacking on cheap plasticy keyboards

Thats right folks a new blog!
Currently sitting in the 6th form annex, kinda half doing my art coursework and waiting for (and dreading) my physics lesson in 1/4 of and hour or so, Im 2850 words in to the 3000 word essay Im meant to be doing so I just have to finish describing and talking about a photo by Cindy Sherman (Untitled fim still #15) shown below, and write up a conclusion type deal, I can really get into it though Im a bit tired and just want to lie down or sit and do nothing for a while, hence distracting myself with a nice little blog session.
Cindy Sherman Untitled film still #15
(extract from my essay)
" The Final piece I will be looking at is called Untitled Film Still #15 by Sherman, and comes from a collection consisting of 69 photographs depicting Sherman in the role of an unnamed actress on the set of imaginary films, the settings and styles of the photographs vary and range B-movie, foreign film and film noir styles. The Photographs fall into 6 basic groups,The first six are grainy and slightly out of focus (e.g. Untitled #4), and each of the 'roles' appears to be played by the same blonde actress. The next group was taken in 1978 at a beach house on the north fork of Long Island. Later in 1978, Sherman began taking shots in outdoor locations around the city. E.g. Untitled Film Still #21 Sherman later returned to her apartment, preferring to work from home. She created her version of a Sophia Loren character from the movie Two Women. (Untitled Film Still #35) She took several photographs in the series while preparing for a trip to Arizona, Untitled Film Still #48, also known as The Hitchhiker, was shot at sunset one evening during the trip. The remainder of the series was shot around New York, like Untitled #54, often featuring a blonde victim typical of film noir. The Photograph shows Sherman as a blonde actress sitting at a window looking out and down, the viewer can imagine she is looking at the street below, possibly waiting for someone. The room has bare brick walls, the wall behind Sherman, and the wall inside the window frame that she is leaning on are painted white. The floor is wooden boards. In the room with Sherman the only other thing is a wooden chair which is only partially in shot, it is facing into the room at 90 degrees from the direction that Sherman is at, the light from the window is bright and overexposed so we cannot see what is out of the window. We know that this photograph is from the group of photos taken at a beach house, however the way that the photograph is framed and Sherman’s dress, combined with the photograph not allowing us to see what is outside of the window. Gives us the illusion that the room is high up and in a city, Sherman’s gaze out of the window also leads us to believe that the room is high up, the framing of the shot doesn’t show the ceiling of the room, or even the top of the window to be seen this gives the impression that the ceiling is higher up as in a loft style apartment."

I hate writing art essays you have to sound so faggy all the time, also (or "in conjunction" to use art essay terms) I cant think of words to acurately put what I mean, especially as if i was explining it to a person face to face I would simply wave my arms around a bit and make noises.

I think the nice headphones that came with my walkman are breaking, around the jack (tis where they always break) and the sound is slowly going away :(
In other news I find out today if I have won my bid for an Italia Speedster Guitar on the wonderous eBay, tis a truely awesome instrument, the auction ended about an hour after I haveto leave for school so I am having to wait to find out if i have won it, due to the nanny state environment imposed upon us by the education system I am unable to check it at school, and will therefore will probably hijack my girlfriends computer when I see her in a few hours to find out. I will post a blog on the speedster (it deserves that)

.. Wade

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