24 Mar 2009


Curently listening to "Lets dance to Joy Division" by "The Wombats

Recently I have become a little Obsessed with the Watchmen, both in comic book and movie form, I also found out that there is a mini series available on iTunes of the animated comics, which will be interesting once I have some money. As such I will be decorating my blog accordingly. (look out for that, the yellow and black is coming) Long standing readers may have noticed that the Blog URL has changed as well as the title and theme of the blog, As I have been using blogging I have moved away from my original theme of music and just towards random musings and so I felt it appropriate for the rest of the blog to reflect that so gone are the audiophile trappings of the old blog though I am still and audiophile at heart and will post sound based stuff often.
This Blog is now also taking the role of allowing fans ofthe band to find out what Im upto and thinking and stuff (look out for the James Wade trivia section coming soon to the side bar) as well as a classic band style photo

Back to watchmen.
I have now got 2 things that I must do,
  1. read more comics, possibly Until my eyes fall out
  2. make (and therefore own), an untimely awesome rorshach costume (more on this later I have to go and actually do some work)

Currently listeining to "Always" by "Saliva"


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