24 Mar 2009

Update of things

Another one of my few and far between blogs coming up so I had better make this a good 'un

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firstly I'm at school despite having no lessons left to do, arnt I studious, Im doing some artist research for my art projects (plural because I have to finish the research for one project, and begin work on my new exam project), I am looking at franz marc, who is pretty non exeptional, just paints jungle animals in a kind of cubist-y way, will bright colours because he's a happy old soul. I have decided to do my exam project on the topic (oooh what a primary school style word) of arts and litarature. Despite the compulsarty research artists being very faggy boring and "pretty" art. On of which (who's name escapes me... russian guy loves his wife A LOT) who doesnt have any litarary connections in his work, he just paint pictures of him and his wife flying about and kissing, and the occasional scene depicting russian folk tales, which ARE NOT literature, literature by its very meaning is written down (books and stuff) whereas folk tales are not they are mostly word of mouth (compulsary artists 0 me 1). The second is even less literature based, and although her pieces look like they could have some back story to them have no basis in literature. (compulsary artits 0 me 2) the final artist Millais who painted ophelia from shakespeares play, only painted that particular piece from literature so there is very little to be said about him either here or in my project. However he is the main point I will be starting from because I can easily go from him portraying his images of literature that inspires him to portraying images from my books and from there to comics as self portrayal of stories in books. Im also going to go on a complete tangent and do quite a lot of research and direct observation of books as physical objects.

(thought I'd mention this point I am listening to the song "The Lovecats" by "The Cure" not usually into the cure too much but this is pretty good)
A good thing about this essay in that in helping out my mate duffield to do his project (He's decided to do a project on changing the scale) I remebered an artist I havent seen in a long time namely Ron Muek who makes massive (or tiny) hyper realistic models of people, he's an ex-movie puppet maker. Most are naked and all of them are a bit un-nerving as though you expect them to move. I also checked out the blood head by marc quinn (Marc seems to be quite a popular name in the artistinc community, maybe the imaginary man I belive Karys will run off with when she goes to university this september will need a radical name change, gone is Kyle, the cool surfery artist type, here comes Marc Quiet and sensitive, but still quite out there and dark hair that never seems to get dirty but doesnt look gay. :( I'm gunna miss her) The blood head is impressive but I had to spend a while explaining to Duffield why it counted as art and what is symbolised, He did pick up that its a very personal piece (because its made From the person who made it)

whoa long blogg
should probably do some work...

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