16 Mar 2009

short blog

currently listening to, the tinny sound from Tom Wood's headphones beside me. (apparently its justin timberlake (yeey)

hello, short blog today while I'm waiting for the tech teacher so I can resume destroying my tech project, i wish i were better at making things rather than just drawing them, I think i may start doing a short blog every day at school, will give me an adequate break inbetween actually learning/doing coursework.

have had a number of comments about my purple day, inparticular my hair, hasnt really gone donw to well, duffield likes it though and wants to dye all of his hair the same colour.

Quote tom wood "Its wicked your hair"

Quote me and alan earlier, "excuse me theres a Dick in my burger!" , Ill probably explain this one a little later on

ciao for now

.. Wade

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