18 Jan 2009



MIU the thorn in my side, a few months ago I unwittingly offered MIU (the local winners of battle of the bands competition 3 (or more) years ago) the headline slot on the room upstairs show (a slot with untill recently was to be filled by the Iconyx and is now to be filled by my band) and as the show has worn closer the manager of MIU (basically their teacher from school) and the keyboard player's incredibly pushy dad have been phoneing me and preaching to me at every opportunity about how MIU is a REAL ROCK BAND, and is a force to be reckoned with, and that putting them in first is an insult (personally I think the second slot is the worst slot I mean who remebers the Second act they saw (unless the second was the last in some form of incredibly short show)) 

but instead of getting angry or ranting about them more i will simply leave you with a video of MIU at a local gig (fishstock, exactly the kind of massive gig you'd expect of a REAL ROCK BAND)

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