1 Mar 2012

Beat Magnets!

Last week newly formed indie rock outfit 'Beat Magnets' (for whom I am the guitarist) has their first ever gig, in brixton supporting 'The Wombats' no less... well sort of, we played their after party at a pub/music bar called 'The Jamm'

Prior to playing we went up the road to the most packed weatherspoons pub I have ever been in, and wet our whistles with a couple of abbots and a good luck mystery shot, my Dad and Uncle who were with us had to have J20's as they were both Driving, I thought about buying them a packet of crisps each because thats what kids usually get when they go to the pub with parents, but I wasn't sure if they would appreciate the homour. 

All in all it was a good night we played well, if a little more quickly than usual (nerves I guess what are you gunna do) and we pulled a good crowd, with a little pocket of dancing starting up near the front of the stage, which was very encouraging. We did get berated by the sound guy a little, who seemed very snobbish and impatient with our lack of sound stage knowledge, but ultimately we just let him get on with whatever he was doing, followed his instructions and rocked out regardless.

After we played we put all our gear away and enjoyed a kebab, which we bought from a place a little further away from the venue, mostly because the kebab place opposite the venue had suspiciously greasy windows, we didn't trust that. We watched a couple of the other bands, one of which had a 8ft tall bassist that didn't look like he could possible be a real person, and another of which had the most cocky, arrogant frontman we have ever witnessed (after the show we saw hm walking across the bar combing his hair with a flick comb...) but we quickly became bored as it was late and we weren't drunk enough to fully enjoy the situation, and with improperly poured Guinness costing £4 for a pint (a suspiciously small pint mind) we decided to call it a day and head home without actually waiting to see the wombats DJ set (I'm sure they did very well)

our next gig is a little closer to home... Literally it's around the corner from my house, I could walk there in under 5 minutes. tomorrow night at 'The Facebar' where we are headlining hopefully another fun night to come!


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