1 Mar 2012

Oh Shit...

Last weekend was Rugby weekend, which was good as I needed to be out of the house, (Karys was collecting some of her stuff from the flat with her family, and I wanted to avoid any undue awkwardness)

Me and JD had pizza for breakfast and watched Goyte and Walk of the Earth Videos and Polished off a few stubbies (ahh morning alcohol abuse) Until it was time for the first match of the day,

Italy vs Ireland
it was pretty fair to say we knew which was this game was going to go (after all Italian rugby is a Joke) and we got the feeling Italy knew this too as we watched, they equalised the score to 10 10 by half time, but their hearts weren't in it, so we decided to go outside and play a little rugby of our own,

This is where the 'Oh Shit' of the title happens,

We got changed into the lowest rent rugby kit anyone has ever worn (mostly bits and pieces from JD's floor and wall) Ryans shorts had huge holes in the knees and Big G's short barely covered his thighs (he is a beast of a man) and we began playing touch rugby, to ease ourselves in, and to get those of us that had been out of the game a while (or had never played before) the chance to learn the rules and practice catching the egg shaped ball.

nothing bad so far... I became aware that my broadly sedentary lifestyle has left me with incredibly low stamina, so after only 20 minutes of play I was gasping for breath and feeling a bit queasy (embarrassing, but hardly an 'Oh Shit') The others seemed to be suffering no such effects so I dug deep and carried on (after standing still for a little while and getting my breath back during a break in play of course) following this, someone suggested we play full contact as its more fun, (by this I mean they just tackled the next person with the ball and it was decided)

and here it comes... the bad thing

First play, the ball is kicked off from my team to the other, the ball is passed to Charlie Hearsum, Siblys biggest, meanest, and (arguably) most talented player, the Gem of the Sibly team, and he's running right towards me and my puny breakable body

still not the Oh Shit,

I run at him and just like my old school days grab him around the waist and tackle him down (its one of my surprising skills, I am a good back player) unfortunately.. (and here it comes) as he falls his foot gets trapped between my leg and the floor, so as he goes down over it, there is an enormous crunching, snapping noise, (people claim to have heard it from right across the field) and Charlie's is lying on the floor sporting a band new broken ankkle

Oh Shit.

I cannot believe that on the First play, of the first game I have played in nearly 5 years, I have broken the team's star player.

After that the ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital and patched up, he didn't seem too upset with me over the whole thing, ("it was a decent tackle could've happened to anyone")

Following this no one much felt like playing anymore so we retreated inside to watch the England v Wales game (Wales won, and good on them England were being boring, and playing bad rugby Wales wanted it more)

JD revealed to me that when he heard the cracking noise he thought I had farted as I had tackled Charlie and that was why he had fallen down with a pained expression... if only.

that evening was the Sibly Halls Spring Formal, for which me and Big G managed to score Tickets (Because we are awesome) we both suited up and returned to Sibly by which point pretty much the entire place had heard about my accident, but everyone seemed to be impressed more than anything else and I got dubbed a hero by more than one person (probably mostly due to the fact I am so small and Charlie is so big)

The Formal was lots of fun, as I'm sure everyone there can vouch for, but no more on that, a gentleman never tells.. :)


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