1 Mar 2012


Ok, this is the last of The set of blogs from today, and this is a little more dull than perhaps the other two, (perhaps I shouldn't have saved it for last...)

I have twice as much shelf space as before nowadays and the other day I spent a little time re-arranging my wardrobe to accomodate all my shoes shirts and jeans, this was the result

ooh isn't it all neat

and an artsy one of shirts... I have quite a lot of white t-shirts...

... So there that is.. not really sure what so say,  I could do with more shorts to fill up the shorts but that may end up being used for shoes or something, perhaps even more white t-shirts as my collection expands.

I did also buy myself some new button down shirts, and two fancy/dress shirts and a suit jacket, but I'm not going to model them or even post pictures of them in Isolation because I've already put the camera away, I don't want to unfold and refold the shirts and finally I dont really want to emo, selfshot pose in my wiggly mirror with my DSLR, thats one of those Images that could too easily come back and bite me in the ass.

hope you enjoyed my shelves


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