20 Feb 2012

Quite a week (and a half)

Well this week (coming on week and a half) has been most eventful.

Firstly and as most of you who read this will already know, me and Karys split up on Wednesday and since then I have been occupying the house by my self. I won't go into any more detail about the break up, other than to wish Karys all the best for the future.

Following this event I proceeded to to get drunk over a number of days with a variety of people.

Wednesday - G and JD
Thursday - Sober
Friday - G (until 3am whilst watching beauty and the geek in its entirety)
Saturday - G and my Dad (starting at lunch ending at midnight)
Sunday - Sober
Monday - JD and Ryan
Tuesday - Sober
Wednesday - Sober
Thursday - JD Xio and the real ale society for a pub meet,
Friday - JD Ryan, Strutt and G (got turned away from the clubs had a sibly hall party)
Saturday - Sober (recovery Maccy D's)
Sunday - Home for a bit of a rest ant to try and write my essay

Needless to say some of these stories need to be elaborated on and these shall be the subject of my next few blogs.

Coming up also,

news from my band "beat magnets"('s) first gig! (at the wombats after party no less)

England vs Wales (Rugby) on Saturday banterrr for me and Ryan

And episode 2 of attempting to get into reading nightclubs SUIT UP!


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