15 Jan 2012

This Week

Ok, so in keeping with my new years resolution here is a new blog about this week and the things that I have been doing, hold onto your hats people here it is...

On the subject of hats, I bought a new one this week, on friday me and Karys went to london to trawl through the sales at 'big' shops. (This was a particularly heroic trip for Karys as she braved the outside world despite feeling under the weather)

All in all the trip wasn't a massive success in part due to the fact I am a very picky shopper, and also because I am a very small specimen of man and find it difficult to find clothes that fit, However I did get a hat, and some new shirts, (which I am modelling below)
It should be noted Karys does not approve of this shirt, due to there being a lady on it, but kindly agreed to take the picture anyway.

Karys, bought a Jumper with a boat on it.

Also during this trip Karys revealed that she doesn't know the difference between Hugh Laurie and Ryan Reynolds.


She revealed this by pointing at a picture of Ryan Reynolds in a Hugo Boss advert on the subway and quoting a line from a TV advert for a face cream product starring Laurie. She later claimed that she was making some form of witty comment, but I think that this was to save face at having made such a horrendous mistake.

Also this week, I have been working with a group of advertising students, who are considered sworn enemies of the graphics group, but actually are just normal creative-y types like us. we have been working on making a new celebratory day, and after three days of banging our heads against walls came up with a day of logging precious memories to raise for dementia awareness day. The idea being that in logging a persons most precious memory and putting it on display, they think how bad it would be to lose that memory and thus awareness of the plight of people with dementia is raised. We will be setting up a website and optional money collection to collect and display the memories.
The main problem we are having currently is avoiding bad taste jokes in the run up to the event, things like:

"Don't forget, Dementia awareness day, 17th september 2012"


"Remember! 17th September 2012 is Dementia awareness day"

Finally this week we got some rather exciting 'Beat Magnets' news which is super exciting and awesome, but unfortunately I am unable to divulge that information for a little while, so until then you'll just have to keep franticly checking our facebook and twitter pages in the hope of getting a hint.


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