8 Jan 2012

Beat Magnets

To start the backlog of blogs from 2011, I'm going to start with one of the most recent events, (that also happens to be the easiest to find images for)

The new band 'Beat Magnets'

We formed a towards the end of the year after much frustration at not being musicians anymore (we'll at least on the part of myself, Duffield and G) we found a new Bassist (Pearce also known as P'sneer) and Drummer (Smithy, also known as James Smith) and a place to practice and we were set, we have our first gig coming up (28th of November at East West bar Reading if you are around) and I for one am very excited, feels like forever since I've performed with a band, and its one of my favorite feelings.

As ever we had trouble coming up with a name for the band and eventually settled on beat magnets after deciding that the best formula for a band name was:

A one syllable word, followed by a 2 syllable word

Having decided this we just threw together names that followed this rule until we hit on one that we unanimously thought was... "Ok, I guess" 

"ok... I guess"
The band builds on the (somewhat shaky) foundations of 'Ricky and the Pigeons' and 'Battery Powered' with the aim of a fuller rockier sound, we have decided to forgo labelling our music with a genre, other than 'rock' because its an easier way of saying "we play music with guitars and it is loud and might make you want to dance a bit"

...and thats pretty much it, the new band 

Us, complete with harsh lighting and logo


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