18 Jan 2009

The Room Upstairs and other stuff of a first hand musical nature

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Hello long time no blog, but here it is,

In preparation for the Room Upstairs gig hat I am hosting I held a reheasal day for one of the bands I help out with at the youth centre, Basically this band is called "EDEN" and is made up of kids around the 12 year old sort of age who are fenominally talented for their age. And the only reason they need me around at all is so prevent them from bickering during practice. With that in mind you can imagine how entertaining and easy going 6 soild hours of reheasal was. The main issue with these kids is the drummer in the band is obviously starved of attention (although I cant Imagine why as haveing met his parents they seem like quite reasonable people) and refused to play in a manner other than very very very (continue untill you can no longer expell air from your mouth) loud. meaning that the other members of the band were thoughrouly drowned out for most of their numbers, on occasion I was able to convince him to play quieter and to be part of the band asa team member, but only under strict observation, so I dread to think what hes fgoing to be like when they are realeased onto the stage in just under 2 weeks time. During the 6 hour session the same child threatened to quit the band 6 times (one every hour at least) and stormed out of the room just as many if not more times. hopefully it will all go off without a hitch and if it all goes horribly wrong due to a bad drummer then they will only have ruined their slot, and will have no one to blame but their drummer. I dont think I'd like to be that kid at that point. 

In other (equally stressful) news our truely  phenominal headline act "The Iconyx" have told me (at this late stage) that they are unable to play the headline slot. which is a super-bummer hopefully they will be filling another slot earlier in the show allowing my band to step in to fill the headline slot. so again problems but like all problems they can be solved... hopefully. Or maybe I'll just turn to drink instead.

And so as 'stairs and my Physics exam looms ever closer and my hair falls out and all else that is going on I must remeber to stay calm (and when its all done I can look forward to my nice relaxing holiday in sunny Moscow Russia!)  

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