8 Jan 2009

From then to now

Ok it has been along time since my last blog, (2nd of December if I'm correct)  so lets update on what has happened in the pre-ceading weeks to this point

Decmber 3rd to 25th I recieved the rest of the gifts in the gift Box From Karys, Random Items of note include.
- A Hat Wearers Assosiation Gold membership Card
- My Electro Jeff(rey Pickle) drawing licence
- Electro Jeff Decorations
- Special Christmas Mixtape
- Fake Newspaper Documenting Me and Karys and our general bumbling around
- An Edited (though not very, apparently) Neigbourhood watch letter concerning confidence tricks
and a Coupon off Felt Pirate Supplies at feltyseadogs.com

On December 10th We took a day out to visit the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham at which we found a number of interesting items, including many scarves and Dresses (for Karys) belts and shirts (for me (and Karys))  

On December 22nd It was my birthday, I spent all day sitting around having the day off with Karys, and had a nice lazy day, The YES Centre was in its final day of grotto so I managed to avoid the madness of the final day of that, apparently it was the busiest day of the lot. *phew* After that Karys' parents and older brother came over, twas a little scary at first, I was't sure if they and my parents and brothers would get along. But they did all was good, much fun was had, especially with drunken parents hopping about on the Wii that we had set up in the living room for party games. ahh fun

December 23rd Went to a party and got horrendoulst Drunk, playing drinking games and the like, threw up in my neigbours garden (nice)

December 24th Took my guitar class to the library  to play christmas tunes (hungover) Played saxophone with my brothers (flute and clarinet) outside the Rocroft hospice shop to raise money for the cause, we raised £125 in total not bad for a few hours work. Went to the cinema to see Transporter 3 with my friend Antony (well actually his name is mike but he looks like an Antony so thats what I call him, and is what many people over at the YES centre, though we were there early so we wasted some time, eating nandos, (mmmm spicy chicken) playing air hockey and pool. (was kinda like a MAN date hehe, less love more chicken!) Made it home before midnight so didnt ruin christmas hehe, yay me.

December 25th Was obviously Christmas day, went through all the usual motions, presents, sitting around, we opted to have christmas dinner the next day (oooh blasphemy) so that we could eat all the snack food and quality street we wanted without spoiling our dinner.

Decmber 31st New Years Eve, I never do very well on new years eve, usually have a fight or do somthing stupid, this year managed to do both, (so tradition was upheld...whoo) Ditched all my friends and my girlfriend (who there is now a small rift between) inorder to go home dejcted and watch the big fat quiz of the year with my parents. Choosing this over choosing between my girlfriend (who didnt bieng around my drinking friends, or me drinking) and my friends (who wanted to drink the new year and wanted me to join them).
after this me and Karys had a fight, sorta, and I (regrattably) took down the wall of things she had sent me in anger/frustration.

dont worry folks we sorted it all out and are now stronger than ever, with things to work on in future, to avoid a repeat of what will forever be known as the new years eve party of horror (fuinnily enough this is the same name given to the previous new year eve party where i made out with my ex, in a mix of pity and drukenness, she was crying and lay next to me as I was about to sleep, what was I supposed to do (RESIST YOU FOOL) well duh (now hehe) Still water under the bridge now, incidentaly we're really good friends now, not like with bneifits (that would be weird and sleazy and unfaithful) but good friends none the less (how many brakets is that now)

ciao for now

.. Wade

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