1 Dec 2008

My Arms (and the way I adorn them)

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While taking the pictures of my hans hoodies, posted earlier, I noticed I wear quite a lot of stuff on my arms, and decided to document this even if only for my own amusement, now with nothing else to post currently I thought now is porbably as good a time as any to realease them to the place where all random pictured evewntually inevitably end up, the blogosphere (or internet).

Since when these photographs were taken however I  have broken both the watches pictured, the Identity London watch I smashed on my mates hand, while he was randomly tapping my keyboard, somthing that I find amazingly annoying, to my knowlege he still has a small amount of glass embedded in hand which stings him occasionally (so I win) the other watch the ebay jobbie, broke while at my girlfriends house, without going into too much detail the strap broke... hmmm, however the other arm (the left arm) has now become more pirateuy with the addition of a bracelet from my recent trip to torquay, the bracelet that allowed me to buy alchohol un-iD-ed for the duration of the trip ( need a real life one of these, however with only 21 days till Im 18 probably isnt worth it hehe).  Im also now wearing another red and white deeley with coppoer ends, ANND when I can find it,  I ALSO wear a white burton sweatband thing. Recently I had a bit of fun by telling a particularly gullable friend that i wore all the arm stuff to cover the marks where I have cut myself during a spat of depression, however upson seeing his saddened and concerned face it became less fun and I gave him a hug, confirmed o him that it was a lie and a jest that i was fine and had no need for councilling before showing him my un-scarred arms, hehe


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