11 Oct 2010

Ingrid Bergman

It would seem that as of late I have become a little "Ingrid Bergman" obsessed, so here is an explanation so  don't look like I'm crazy for a dead lady.

For those of you that don't know, Ingrid Bergman is (was) an actress from the 40's who most famously appeared in the film Casablanca alongside Humphrey Bogart in 1942 (thank you wikipedia). The reason she has particular significance to me is that my long serving stage guitar is named after her, and has a photo of her taped onto the back, try to spot it next time a get really into a solo, she is extremely sentimentally important to me (in fact I don't think I have played a live show with Ricky and the Pigeons to date with out her), not only because of her long running stage relationship with me, but also because she is a one of a kind.

I will try to upload some pictures soon, however if you dig through the Ricky and the Pigeons Facebook archives you will see that she has a odd style finish, this is in fact paper mache (newspaper and tissue) applied layer on layer on layer, and then washed with white, and the look is amazing, kinda matte and bumpy with little bits of text visible. (over time and hundreds of sweaty gigs, bits have worn away adding to the amazing character of her)

...And the reason this is significant is that this finish was applied to her before I even knew of her existence, by my ever amazing and talented fiancée before she surprised me with it as a gift for no particular reason (other than love) it is by far my favourite guitar and is a constant reminder of Karys whenever I'm on stage (cue awww noises) 

so in conclusion that is why I have chosen a black and white Ingrid Bergman theme for my internet persona, if you care to take a look around at my things online like 
Tumblr (not running yet give me a week or so)
and to a lesser extent Facebook
you will see they are all going a bit Bergman, (she is such a classy lady after all)


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