10 Oct 2010

Car Crash!

Whilst dropping Ricky home after a day of post (cancelled) gig laziness and hanging out, I was involved in a car crash, I stopped to let another car pass a parked car (following the normal rules of the road) but the guy behind me wasn't looking, and ploughed directly into the back of me, which was more irritating than actually distressing, especially as Claude (also known as the Pigeon-mobile) is our main mode of transportation for gigs (and food)
For it to be destroyed would be more annoying than I could begin to contemplate.
As I walked around I saw that the front his car was totalled, absolutely destroyed and I feared the worst for poor Claude.

Luckily this is the extent of the damage. (no pics of his car unfortunately didn't take these till I got home, but trust me it was a wreck)

Dirty? Maybe. 
Seriously Damaged? No.

A slight crack in my Bumper,
 Cant remember if it was there before the crash though!

Seems the Pigeon-mobile is made of some pretty tough stuff.

The Guy, (and his dad who turned up a short time later) was very reasonable admitted the entire thing was his fault and expressed great concern for my well-being (I think he wanted to avoid me suing him for having whiplash or something) considering my car wasn't damaged and it was his fault we went our separate ways.

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