15 Oct 2010

"Good Boy" week

I have decided that next week I am going to do what I have called "good boy week" as this week, hence forth to be known as "the week of blurry darkness" as been blurry and dark to say the least.

Essentially I have subsisted on a diet of: Pizza, jacket potatos, burgers, chips and a weird pasta-y dish (which had burgers in it) so not very healthy AT ALL. I have also consumed a record amount of alcoholic drinks (a record for me not mankind) and have on 2 occasions stumbled home and gone to sleep and woken unaware of exactly how I ended up there. I have also lost my red top hat :( , and nearly lost my phone (twice! in one night!) 

so taking this into consideration, "good boy week" is all about NOT doing things like that.

here is the manifesto of the good boy

  1. Eat Fruit and or veg every day
  2. Proper meals... with ingredients, (maybe one treat meal like a pizza)
  3. Breakfast if possible (even toast is something)
  4. No sleeping past 11, even if there is no uni to go to
  5. Go to ALL lectures and Seminars
  6. Spend no more than £5 at the su on booze in one night
  7. Duy one crate of beer for pre-drinks to last the whole week, (ave - 2 a day)
  8. Do the laundry
  9. Brush teeth every night and morning
  10. a tenth thing
so we will see if I can manage it, I'll be quite sad if I can't it means there is no hop for me as an adult


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