26 Apr 2010

Trip to Bath (Part 2a)

so after the juggling and the drinking we got back into Duffield's house without to much messing about, and managed to lose a few hours just talking and listening to music (and a quick phonecall to my lovely fiancĂ©e) and then it was time for dinner from the "MEGA BITE BALLS" I had scampi and chips (the classic safe option) and Alan and Duffield had DONNER KEBABS DICKS. The sizes for these were as follows: 1) medium, 2) large and 3) Extra Large, we argued that this was essentially small medium and large re-named in a misleading fashion, so Alan ordered a large believing it to be a medium in disguise, Duffield ordered a medium (knowing otherwise)
It was the first time I have ever seen Alan not finish a meal. This merriment was followed by graffiti-ing  every paper surface in the kitchen (hence the Mega Balls menu)

Rice Crispies became "Hitler Crispies" (it was later decided that Reich crispies would have been wittier, but we're not that smart) the Quaker oats box had a simple hitler 'tache drawn on the man, and nesquick became blitzkrieg (for some reason we were on a bit of a Nazi mood)

A poster for a black and white Italian cinema social poster also felt the wrath of our pens, where the man man of the poster was edited to a most formidable Alan shape, with uncanny similarity (the best part of this was it took people quite a long time to notice this after the blatant obviousness of the MEGA BALLS pamphlet.

We had been invited to a cocktail night across the... very small distance between Duffs house ans the house next door, but decided this was not for us, instead we went for the option of watching "REPO! the genetic opera" on Alan's Laptop. Mid way though we were joined by a fairly drunk Ollie but he remained fairly quiet, seemingly concentrating very hard on maintaining an upright seating position.

After the movie we decided to turn in, and after bullying Duffield for a while (we are so very good at it) by laying in his bed (his pet peeve) and making him go "rage" and hurt us in magical ways we didnt even know were possible (at one point I was in so much pain I grabbed Alans entire boob in one hand rather hard and was unable to let go)


we eventually settled on the floor and fell asleep (no-one vomited... well no-one that we were associated with, there may have been some vomit action on campus)

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  1. haha reich crispies. although i dont see a mentioning of the final catastrophe that happened at the park and ride.