22 Apr 2010

Trip to Bath (Part 2)

After the whole puking episode Me and Alan, arose later in the day to find Duffield had left for labs (he had told us he was going, he didn't just abandon us) we had some things to get from the car that we had left behind, and we had to deliver a package to Alan's brother who was coming to bath to collect it. (basically it was his Wii) so we set out, we caught a bus into town, bought a pasty, and found the park and ride bus with out too many problems. We collected our Items (A bottle of wine and my mobile phone) and headed home (I took a massive horrible dump at the public toilet, pretty bad experience felt like it was coming out sideways, however the loo paper at the bus station was softer than the paper at Duffield house)

We met Alans brother at the train-station, and set about a mini-mission to find a pug adapter, which resulted in a trip to currys were me and alan debated HD vs non HD Tvs and the stores obvious biases.
we headed back to the university and talked about various science-y and business-y things and had en epic foozball tournament in which Alan and I were thoroughly taken to school by Alans brother, with our best score being 4 - 6 (a respectable loss)

we talked of how Facebook has changed sociability until Duffield arrived back from a tutorial we went back to the house and grabbed a box of beer and some juggling equipment, we headed to the grassy area outside Duffields house around the sunbathing Psyjoe (thats his real name!) a guy with dreads (I think Alan should get dreads) who it tuns out is studying mechanical engineering (Me and Him had a slightly inebriated chat about the subject) for some juggling, light drinking and some basic gymnastics, Alan attempted a cartwheel and landed flat on his face (video on youtube soon!)

We then went to the Arena/Colosseum thing for more juggling, and watching some inhumanly nerdy people show us their skills (trust me these people have MAD skills when it comes to throwing and twirling things, like bespectacled ninjas) At this point we were locked out of the Duffield residence due to him leaving his key and wallet in his room, but we were not stressed about this as he had people on the inside and we had no intention of going back for a while.

more later (part 2a if you will)

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