19 Apr 2010

As you may have already read...

... I am now engaged to Karys Munns (whoo!)

"but you're so young!" - I hear you cry, well it is to be a long engagement so don't worry about that, and I feel like this is the right thing to do, Karys makes me happy, (no mean feat these days, I'm a bit up and down)

"but I wanted to marry you!" - I hear a smaller sub-set of you cry... Tough! (haha, sorry gals, I'm a one woman guy)

that is pretty much It. We are engaged, I love her and she loves me, etc tis all good stuff.


I proposed to her properly as well, for those of you who have asked me,

  1. took her to a park over looking the sea
  2. - on a sunny day
  3. got down on one knee
  4. and gave her the ring
(under no account should it be brought up that I originally proposed at 2am outside her flat in Farnham, after driving for 4 hours in a mad bid to win her back after she had decided I wasn't worth the heart-ache any more.

I only hope I can be worth her forgiveness.

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  1. The phrase "Sorry ladies i'm taken" springs to mind.