14 Sep 2009

And the blogging resumes!

No Way!

thats right folks I am back here on the blogoshere for quite how long I cannot say, but I am making a concerted effort to blog more often, especially as some of my readers have recently become more far flung and "need" to know what I'm doing

so far this week

(from Saturday)

I finally got my ear pierced after all this time talking about getting it done, graham came with me and I think he was a little disappointed that I didn't make more of a fuss, in any case he went straig home afterwards,

I then went to Dd's house to attempt to write some lyrics, (we need songs to be a band currently we have none) we managed to knock out a couple of lines but kept getting distracted by pizza, conversation and general distraction (in my case the fun of a guitar and in Dd's the imaginary pink in my hair)

after that me and Dd went to my house because th rest of my family were going to parties and needed me to ferry them around, and drop them off (while I was doing this Dd was left to house sit) after that we told ourselves we would write more lyrics but ended up not bothering and watching black books.

took DD home, + picked up family (well some of them) again

talked to karys, she seems to be settling in really well, which is nice, apparently she's doing an open mic night with this Italian dude called biscuit, so already she's more confident because she would NEVER show us her mad guitar/drum/singing skillz,

good on you biscuit haha, that girl gotz skillz

Sunday was a complete contrast I did nothing all day, Didn't even get dressed until 5ish, watched an entire series of the american office twice, (it started again and I didn't notice)
walked out to the pub to meet Alan, but because he was late I ended up laying on the grassy verge on the side of the road, watching clouds or waving at cars, until Glen came along and sat with me, and joined me waving at cars, (we had a competition to see who could form the most meaningful relationship with someone in a moving car, I won because a policeman stopped to talk to me!) and we had a nice chat.
Alan turned up about an hour late (he told me he'd be 10 minutes) with his brother and we had many an animated discussion about google, the internet, physics, open source and all the rest of it, over a couple of pints of abbot ale, before stumbling home, Interneting in various forms until2am and falling into a deep sleep to awaken bleary eyed on

phone died to was out of communication (which is always irritating) and began ice-breaking at the beginning of my art course (yay meeting new people) wasn't really as bad as I make out everyone is more or less human and perfectly acceptable to be around, for this project my team of 3 are making a giant inflatable jelly that will hang precariously over the college banister overlooking the main corridor thingie.
also today I had a transition Brixham meeting where we finalised the logo designs me and this designer-y guy Alistair Faud-Luke were working on for a greener Brixham deal
(images below)
and now having finished some more stuff on them I am simply blogging about it to leave some form of permanent record.

Another thing I have been doing is systematically removing Karys from my various profile pictures and what not, I;m so used to her being there that I don't even notice most of the time, for example I only recently changed my phone background, and when Im done with this blog I really should replace my profile one hehe, Tis gunna take a while.

Alan suggested I try cooling off for a while before getting involved with anyone else, to prevent myself getting hurt, I'm trying to figure out what his angle is on that one haha, we'll see.

... WADE

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