9 Dec 2009

My sketchbooks


Didnt have time to write anything before hand, but its all pretty self explanatory, basically I got some hardback books and mutilated them, 

  • 1st book is my main project sketchbook for my notes and shiz (I'm going to be selling emotions as a product pretty cool huh). 
  • 2nd book Is my typography wordplay book for exploring logos and little typographic experiments. 
  • 3rd book is my notes and doodles sketchbook
  • 4th book was an experiment with cutting pages out to form letters (like my initials gain pretty cool) 

I intend to fill these and several much larger books (3 or 4 A2 x 20pages and 2 A1x10-20 pages equalling 80 A2 pages (160 A3 or 320 A4 ) of work) by the end of the term, and a proportion of that before Christmas.
 I will also be working on some live briefs from real live design companies, I'm having a consultancy meeting this Saturday for one of them and am awaiting email communication concerning the details of another

Hope that explains the book pictures


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  1. eee everything can wait for me and you :)
    plus, I see those moustaches, yeahhh where'd you get them from? hehe I am joking, but I like Sven's appearance there hehe
    I love you