5 Dec 2009


That's right I am now the proud owner of a pair of proper old school DJ vinyl decks, currently I have only 4 pieces of vinyl but aim to have more soon, (I'm going to raid charity shops and occasionally shell out for "good" music haha) I have been spending many a glorious hour watching in wonder as the pin glides across the plastic surface and makes music as if by magic,

Only have one of the decks set up at the moment as I need to get some leads and a new stylus in order to make use of the nice yellow cross-fader I have as part of this magical little bundle. Now tooled up I can begin work on living my dream of being a hardcore cool king of the dance floor worshipped by everyone hip hop happening G DJ haha (well might be pretty cool to try it)

I may also try Having my computer and/or a synth plugged in one side of the cross-fader and a deck in the other in order to make "venetian snares/Aaron Funk" style experimental music (well I need a backup in case I cant from a band at uni, I SHALL BE MY OWN (lonely) BAND!)

watch this space (for the record (see what I did there) free decks totally beat free accordian 


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  1. Last sentence could have been epic if you remembered to close the brackets, but because you didn't Duffield wins.

    Also he has done a video already, so you got some catching up to do.